Ioana Oprean | Consultant somn copii

Ready to sleep, baby?

by Ioana Oprean, Child Sleep Consultant

About me

Consultant somn România

 🏡 I am Ioana Oprean, wife and mother of two. I am a Certified Child Sleep Consultant. I work with families that have challenges with their child’s sleep and are ready to put some effort to get better, healthier, sleep for their little one.

💻 I was a business consultant for 10 years and then a full time mom for 4 years. My biggest challenge as a young mom was my children’s sleep. My mission is to promote healthy sleep for children and their families all around the world and guide parents towards this goal.

📚 I study Psychology at Lucian Blaga University, Romania in order to extend my understanding of children behavior and help parents implement healthy sleep habits for their children. I am interested in the relationship between sleep training and secure attachment, looking for the child’s best interest in the long run.  

🎓 I am certified by the Family Sleep Institute, New York, the pioneer in the field, the institute that promotes science based information and different working methods in order to suit any family, child temperament or cultural beliefs.

Certificare consultant somn copii

The Certification Program as a Baby and Child Sleep Consultant lasted 6 months and included:

💻 Online live classes, teached by experienced Child Sleep Consultants or Child Behavior Consultants.

📝 Weekly homework, with a thorough feedback from the instructors and strict passing criteria to be sure the information is understood and can be aplied.

📚 Reading and analysing the main books about children’ s sleep, that look at promoting healthy sleep from different perspectives.

📈 Investigating the relation between crying durig sleep training and secure mother and child attachment, according to the different scientific studies available.

👨‍👩‍👦 Individual working for 2 weeks with 3 different families. A sleep training program where I’ve disscused healthy sleep habits for the child and guided each family towards.

The Certification Program was followed by another 4 months of weekly mentoring and constant support is provided from experienced members of the FSI.

Dacă dorești să lucrăm împreună pentru îmbunătățirea somnului copilului tău, poți programa o consultație, te poți înscrie la workshopul specific vârstei sau poți alege pachetul cu suport 2 săptămâni pentru învățarea adormirii independente. Dacă nu știi ce serviciu ți s-ar potrivi, poți programa o discuție gratuită de 10 minute pentru a lua cea mai bună decizie în acest sens.